Boston NM Under Siege: 5 Actions, 7 Days

CAFT News Briefing:

There is no rest for the wicked in the City of Boston. For seven days straight, May 10-16, activists affiliated with social media group Designer Takedown hammered Neiman Marcus, doing disruption after disruption – five in total. The animals tortured and murdered for Neiman’s profit* never get a day off, so the abusers don’t deserve one either.

With the Natick store set to shut down this year, we can imagine that the employees at the Boston location are already feeling a bit demoralized. While they watch their friends and coworkers get laid off, the executives that drove the company into bankruptcy sweep up over 10 million dollars in bonuses for 2020, and CEO Geoffroy van Raemdonck shows off his Dallas mansion for the press. Neiman Marcus is the picture of corporate greed gone wrong.

At CAFT, we have immense respect for the ethos displayed by the Designer Takedown activists this week. Animal torture is not a matter to be addressed in the odd bit of spare time. Neiman works around the clock abusing defenseless animals, so we work around the clock defending them. As long as there is fur in their stores, there is a lot more in store for Neiman Marcus.

*Just kidding – the company hasn’t made a profit in years.

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