TAFF Storms NM in San Antonio

Submitted by Texas Animal Freedom Fighters:

On a wet and dreary Saturday, May 22, the Texas Animal Freedom Fighters stormed the San Antonio Neiman Marcus. Giving the management the slip, we toyed with them, riding up and down the escalators while shouting the message of the death trade they support. The cries of pain from a tortured animal murdered for their fur could be heard from one activist’s megaphone, while the others activists shouted for the company to end the practice of supporting the industry. Our local San Antonio activists gave passionate speeches in the face of management, pleading for the individuals that live their lives in captivity and are skinned alive for their fur. The activists made their way outside the store and blockaded the doors until the police arrived. The activists then fled the scene in their tactical attack van back to safety to live to fight another day.

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