Philly Takes Over NM in Largest Mall on East Coast

Submitted by Revolution Philadelphia:

On May 23, 2021, activists from Revolution Philadelphia visited the King of Prussia Mall to amplify the voices of animals tortured and killed for fur by Neiman Marcus. These brave activists came together to educate the customers and employees that they were supporting violence and animal cruelty. We marched in, speaking out over bullhorns that animals’ skins belong to them and are not meant to be used as a piece of fabric for the sake of vanity. As a long-term reminder for staff and customers, activists released a cluster of balloons inside the store with the following message “Drop Fur or Deal with Us.” 

Revolution Philadelphia will continue to support CAFT in its campaign to ban fur in all stores around the US.

CAFT editorial commentary: Revolution Philadelphia wins for our favorite sign of the campaign thus far.

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