San Diego Invades NM 3 Times in 4 Days

Submitted by San Diego activists:

On Friday, May 21, around 6 pm, thirteen activists descended on Neiman Marcus to let them know they have blood on their hands, the blood of animals slain for fur for their profits. An employee immediately blocked the escalator upon our loud arrival so we couldn’t go down to the bottom floor, where the majority of their customers were. They still heard our message as we continued to chant and protest outside their doors for an hour. We even had an activist lay in front of the store, covered in blood and fur wearing a skin suit reminiscent of a skinned animal. Real minks were also displayed to show the brutality of their fur industry – and put a literal face to the slaughter that is fur. The message was loud and clear: drop fur or deal with us.

On Sunday evening May 23, around 5 pm, nine activists returned to surprise Neiman Marcus (no event page on Facebook, so the usual head of mall security was not present) by entering the store with sirens blaring. Even though it was a “surprise,” employees were still quick to block the escalator, preventing us from reaching customers on the lower level, but two of us were able to squeeze past the female employee impeding the escalator. As we descended down to the ground floor level customers and staff heard our chants and heard exactly why we were disrupting their store on a Sunday evening: Neiman Marcus continues to sell the fur of tortured animals despite so many other retailers and top designers doing away with the bloody fur trade. Staff asked to leave even gently pushing us towards the door, one guy in a suit even threatening that the police were coming. We stayed for a few minutes and continued to protest and chant outside their doors. Several times the handicap door opener button was pressed, and as the doors automatically opened, our sirens wailed into the store. This prompted employees to lock the door, making it difficult for their own customers to enter and exit. One young woman even came to clean the window. We told her she could clean the windows, but she can’t clean the blood off of Neiman Marcus. Bullhorns, air horns, and a giant speaker playing animal screams disrupted Neiman for at least 30 minutes.

But we decided Neiman had not had enough, so we returned the very next day, May 24. We will never stop speaking up for the animals trapped inside of fur farms – not on a Monday, or any day. This time we even had one activist in a bloody skin suit. We poured into the store with sirens blaring, and made our message heard for all of the Neiman customers and employees. We also focused on some of the concession boutiques. Neiman, we are going to win – it’s on you to choose how long we keep coming back.

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