Second Solo Demo of the Day at SF NM

CAFT News Briefing:

Activists on the West Coast know that it doesn’t take a crowd, or a protest schedule, to keep Neiman Marcus under siege. Even as regular protests have been occurring up and down the coast, they just can’t stay away, no matter the numbers available to do a spontaneous demonstration.

On Tuesday, May 26, Neiman’s West Coast flagship in Beverly Hills saw two activists (and their adorable canine companion) cleverly set themselves up at the top of the store for their own disruption. They weren’t even aware that at the same time in San Francisco, an activists was busting int Neiman’s Union Square location to hold them accountable for the abuse they inflict on animals for fur.

We all know how important it is to stay organized for frequent large actions – but less recognized is the importance of the ethos shown by these two Tuesday actions. Even if not a single other person is available to join in on a given day, it is still vital that we keep Neiman under constant pressure. Anyone, anytime, within range of a Neiman Marcus can contribute to this campaign, in any way they see most fit.

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