Nonstop Noise at NM’s West Coast Flagship

Submitted by Los Angeles activists:

Neiman Marcus has been touting a few selective sales figures lately in an effort to pretend it is not financial toxic waste. So we have some numbers of our own for Neiman.

On May 30, the Neiman flagship in Beverly Hills saw its 4th action in a week. 30 activists surrounded Neiman with 9 megaphones, 2 airhorns, 3 whistles, a smoke flare, and a giant amplifier on wheels. For 90 minutes, we treated Neiman to the loudest Los Angeles anti-fur demonstration in recent history. Some activists said it was the loudest animal rights action they had ever attended.

Wilshire Blvd was a cacophony. The entire block echoed with our message about Neiman’s shameful participation in the fur trade. And every time the doors opened, so did the entire store.

The energy among activists was electric, as we marched, chanted, and spoke out for the innocent animals inside of Neiman’s prisons. The only people looking sullen were Neiman’s rent-a-cops, and the other employees stuck working for a notorious animal abuser and business failure.

Neiman, if you want to continue selling fur, you better start passing out earplugs. We’ll be back again and again.

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