TAFF: 7 Floors of Fun at NM HQ/Flagship

Submitted by Texas Animal Freedom Fighters:

On June 11th, activists visited the Neiman Marcus flagship store and corporate headquarters in Dallas, TX, for a loud surprise disruption. This happened at the same time as others participated in a call-in campaign to Neiman Marcus stores across Texas.

Activists with multiple megaphones visited all seven floors to speak up for the voiceless animals tortured for Neiman Marcus’ products.

“Neiman Marcus has blood on their hands,” echoed throughout the building.

Neiman security assaulted activists, but it only strengthened our resolve. We even entered a second time to show that we will not be intimidated into silence.

With consistent and continued actions against Neiman Carcass in so many cities across the country, we will undoubtedly make fur history.

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