San Diego Storms NM Twice in 2 Days – Again

Submitted by San Diego activists:

On Friday, June 11, San Diego activists had hands down one of our best Neiman Marcus disruptions. The second we got out of the store and used the handicap button to open the doors, they were immediately locked. This means for the whole 1/2 hour we protested, every single customer had to be let in/out by employees, obviously making this difficult for them to conduct business. Customers could be seen turning back due to this, then coming back to be let in. Mall-goers and Neiman customers could all be seen covering their ears as chants echoed and wailed throughout the area. The best part of this protest was when we were inside disrupting, and a mother with a baby in a stroller started clapping along and saying “YES!” Another Neiman customer was cheering us on as she was shopping. Other people could be heard saying, “We don’t buy fur here.” Also, business wa very lows inside compared to Nordstrom, which was very busy. No wonder Neiman went bankrupt.

Saturday the 12th was another awesome disruption. Seconds upon entering, multiple employees rushed to block the escalators. We scattered and spread out to once again remind them why they are being disrupted: because they skin animals for fur coats. Employees were more hands-on and aggressive than in the past, pushing activists out the door. And once again the doors were locked, so for the whole hour we were there, each customer had to be let in and out by staff. Some actually ran out with their ears covered. Many leaflets were passed out as well. One of the best parts was when one activist very sloooooooowly left the store taking her sweet sweet time, so much so that the employee asking her to leave said, “Really, you’re doing the baby steps thing?” “Baby steps” – we wonder if that’s a term ever discussed in corporate emails?

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