July 5 – 11: National Week of Action Against Neiman Marcus

June 16, 2021

CAFT is announcing the first National Week of Action Against Neiman Marcus from July 5th – 11th.

Animal abuse is big business, and our opponents have billions of dollars. The reason we win is because we work together. Coordinated action is the backbone of the grassroots anti-fur movement. 

So the week after Independence Day, let’s make sure Neiman Marcus understands how the animal rights movement celebrates liberty and justice. We will stand up for the animals imprisoned on fur farms across the nation, and put Neiman Marcus under siege from sea to shining sea.

This is the first of multiple escalations in the year ahead. Neiman Marcus will learn that the longer they hold out, the worse things get. We are just weeks into this campaign, and they think that time is on their side – but they are wrong. This campaign will only grow and intensify.

From July 5th – 11th, put your passion, your organizing, and your creativity to the test. This is the time to show Neiman Marcus that no matter how dedicated they are to fur, we will always be more dedicated to the animals, until every cage is empty.

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