Take Action

The time for action is now.
Neiman Marcus has fallen into financial ruin. All of its competitors have gone fur free. And the fur industry has begun to collapse. This is the moment to strike. The animals need you.

In the streets.
Your participation organizing an action is vital – and we are here to help every step of the way.
The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade can assist with materials, research, media, and more. If you want to organize an action, or find a group in your area, email us at action@caftusa.org.

At home and on the job.
Neiman is desperate for positive publicity right now. Make your voice heard in their email inboxes, on their social media, and during CAFT’s regular phone actions.

Join the campaign that is making history.
CAFT’s decentralized organizing model is designed for you to participate in whatever way you would like. Experiment, express yourself, and contribute your own ideas to the campaign. Every single one of us can make a difference for animals on fur farms.

Contact CAFT USA.
Looking for activists near you? Need advice on targets or tactics? Running low on materials?
We got you.


Speak up for Neiman’s victims.
Neiman makes money ignoring the cries of defenseless minks and foxes?
They won’t be able to ignore us.

Neiman’s internal Instagram tags: #nmconnect #nmwegotthis #iworkatnm

Find your local animal abuser.

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