Neiman Marcus

The Ugly Side of Fashion

CEO Geoffroy van Raemdonck laid off 5,000 workers and gave himself a $4 million bonus.

Neiman by the Numbers
24 Store closures
1.1 Billion dollars debt
5,000 Employees laid off

Message the Murderers

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Neiman Marcus would like you to believe that it is on the cutting edge of style.

However, the dark reality is that Neiman profits from extreme animal cruelty by participating in the brutally violent fur trade.

As the last major American retailer to sell fur, Neiman lags years behind its more successful competitors. While these companies experiment with new and creative materials, Neiman uses the skins of dead minks, foxes, sables, chinchillas, beavers, coyotes, martens, and rabbits as fabric. It’s no wonder that modern consumers, who place a high value on social responsibility, have abandoned Neiman in droves.

Neiman Marcus is a company in crisis. It has long relied on a shrinking pool of older shoppers who spend over $10,000 annually. But those relationships, which represent 40% of its revenue, are failing as it lays off its employees and closes its stores.

And Neiman is not doing any better online: last year, while online luxury sales went up 48% globally, Neiman’s online sales went down. Maybe that’s why it lost $2.47 billion in fiscal year 2020.

Recently forced into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Neiman Marcus is the pariah of its industry, unable to keep up with its creditors or with society’s evolving standards.

The era of fur is over. Every other American department store and the world’s major fashion houses – Gucci, Versace, Prada, Chanel – have gone fur-free for cultural, ethical, and environmental reasons. Once a symbol of luxury, fur now symbolizes only the pointless torture of innocent animals, the destruction of the Earth, and the spread of Covid-19.

Neiman Marcus is trapped in the tired and unimaginative fashion of the past. While other retailers go fur-free of their own accord, Neiman must be dragged into the future. The cruel fur trade will be abolished: it is not a question of if, but only when, Neiman Marcus will join the rest of the world.

Whistleblowers: Are you a Neiman Marcus Group employee concerned about fur, or an unhealthy, unsafe, or discriminatory work environment? Are you a customer who had a poor experience, or became ill at a store? Any other concern? We want to hear from you!

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